O. W. Krohn & Associates, LLP are focused on the unique accounting and financial requirements of local government and utilities. Otto W. “Buzz” Krohn, the Firm’s founder and Executive Partner, began serving local government and utilities in 1978 before establishing O. W. Krohn & Associates in 1986. James W. “Jim” Treat, the Firm’s Managing Partner, joined the firm in 1994, after beginning his professional career in 1977 with a Big 4 CPA firm.

Krohn, Treat and Jarrod Hall are CPAs and Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA), duly licensed in the State of Indiana. Our seasoned staff includes a core team of professionals that have an average tenure of more than 10 years’ experience performing accounting & consulting activities for local government & utilities. The Firm is registered with the SEC as Municipal Financial Advisors. Core competencies in providing accounting, financial and related consulting services to local government units, including municipal utilities, set Krohn & Associates apart from most other Firms.

O.W. Krohn and Associates are members of the American Institute of CPAs and the Indiana CPA Society. The Firm is also active in most Indiana municipal and utility related trade associations.


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Our services include local governmental finance, utility rates, tax levies, financial feasibility studies, cost of service, inter-governmental agreements, wholesale contracts, mergers and acquisitions.

We also provide accounting and information systems, financial reporting, strategic planning, economic development, tax increment financing, municipal bonds, lease financing, tax rate management and long-term financial planning.

Comprehensive Understanding

Understanding your community’s financial resources & responsibilities is Step 1

Financial Feasibility & Reporting (CAFR)

Capital Projects: Mandates, Quality of Life & Capacity for Development; Financial, Management & Regulatory Reporting

Financial Sustainability

Economy, Legislation, Tax Caps, Regulatory Commissions; Annexation; Fiscal Planning, Short & Long Term Goals

Economic Development Plans

Tax Increment Financing, Tax Abatement, & Non-Traditional Economic Incentives

Utility Rate Studies

Revenue Requirements, Cost of Service; Retail vs Wholesale, Rate Design and Implementation, Litigation Support

Municipal Bonds and Leases

Feasibility, Structure, Official Statements, Bond Sale Preparation, Ratings, Private Placement vs Competitive Offerings, Continuing Disclosure, L.T. Debt Refunding, Financial Management

Regulatory Compliance

SBOA, DLGF, GFOA, EPA/IDEM, IURC, SRF, INDOT, USDA-RD, OCRA, Indiana Administrative Code (IAC)

SEC Registered Municipal Advisors


“Our successes are measured only by the successes of our clients.”

Local Government & Utilities

Local government officials require accurate, meaningful financial data presented in a manner easily understood. O. W. Krohn & Associates assists communities in getting their arms around DLGF budgets, financial accounting & reporting, feasibility of long-term debt plans and assistance with the issuance of tax-exempt securities. User fee development and Utility Rate Studies are essential services for economic development initiatives as well as for the public health & safety of your community.

Economic Development

Krohn & Associates has the expertise to evaluate tax abatement alternatives, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) opportunities, incentives and assist communities “put their best foot forward” from beginning to end. TIF programs can provide essential resources for fostering economic development or redevelopment projects.

Traditional Services

Krohn & Associates can provide traditional accounting services such as compilations and reviews of financial statements, agreed upon procedures, internal control assessments, accounting, financial and compliance reporting.

Tax Exempt Financing

Providing financial advisory services for the issuance of long-term debt instruments. Capital project financing is a primary service area. O. W. Krohn & Associates can assist your community with the issuance of general obligation bonds, utility revenue bonds, grants, leases, lease-rental bonds, EDIT and other LOIT-backed bonds, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), as well as combinations of various revenue and tax-backed bonds. Inter-governmental agreements, wholesale contracts, developer agreements and other forms of credit enhancements can add complexity to Long Term financing plans. O. W. Krohn and Associates can guide your community through those complexities and ensure that your community’s goals are realized.

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